Could You Trust a Stranger?

Greg is 28 years old. He has a successful career, a nice apartment, and a comfortable salary. The only thing missing – especially if you ask his mother – is a wife. At this point, most of Greg’s friends are married. Some even have babies. So, it’s with some cautious optimism that Greg decides to start dating.

First, he downloads all the dating apps he can think of: Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, Ok Cupid, even Plenty of Fish. He starts swiping and pretty soon has a few matches. He sends a couple of messages and within a day has a date set up. Greg is meeting Samantha on Saturday.

The next day, (on Wednesday) Greg runs into his friend Tom at the bakery. The two catch up and eventually Greg mentions that he’s dating.

“No way!” Tom says. “I have the perfect girl for you.”

Greg laughs and hands his bag of bread over to the cashier. “I have a date for Saturday, text me after to see if I’m still available.”

But Tom won’t hear it. He’s sure that his wife’s friend is the girl Greg is going to end up with.

“She’s really cool!” Tom says. “She’s a runner and works with special needs kids. And she’s so funny! I promise you’re going to love her.”

Greg tries to laugh it off, but Tom is persistent. “Push your date back,” he says. “At least until after you’ve met Lori.”


That Saturday, Greg goes out with Lori. A date with Samantha set up for Sunday. But the truth is, Samantha doesn’t stand a chance. Greg feels comfortable with Lori. They bond over their friendships with Tom and joke about their shared past. They even find a few more common connections.

By the time Greg is sitting at a café with Samantha, the fact that she’s a complete stranger seems like the biggest hurdle ever. All of the ease and joking that he had with Lori is replaced by awkwardness and tension. Samantha is a nice girl, funny even, but Greg just can’t get comfortable.

With a string of apologies, Greg excuses himself. He decides not to waste his time or Samantha’s. Tom is a trusted friend, and he knows Lori. He knows that she’s kind and giving and the life of every party. Greg doesn’t need to shop around, he’s already into Lori. He wants to give her a real chance.

That is the power of word-of-mouth marketing.


Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing is when your consumers do your marketing for you. It comes from a loyal audience and consumer base. Think of all the people who swear by Apple. People with no tech knowledge and no affiliation to the brand will spend hours convincing you the iPhone is far better than an Android. This is because Apple has provided their audience with a strong sense of social satisfaction. Apple has become a status symbol. Through carefully building a community and reputation, Apple has left parts of its marketing in the hands of their users.



Word-of-mouth marketing shows us the importance of a strong community. The people who are going to push your brand aren’t going to be customers – they’re going to be loyal customers! We need to appeal to our audiences, pull them in and make them feel like they’re part of something important. If you make one customer love you, they have the potential of bringing in three more.


Let’s Sum Up

It’s not enough to have the best product, or the smartest idea. If you want your business to really take off, you need to spend time investing in your audience. Many people make emotional decisions when shopping – not logical ones. Be their comfortable, trustworthy, status building emotional purchase!

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