Hello, my name is: Target Audience

“Who is your target audience?”

The question stumps Al. “Girls?” he asks.

The marketer shakes her head.

“Young girls?”

She shakes her head again. “You need to know your target audience like you would a friend.”

Al laughs, the marketer doesn’t.

“Personify your brand. Imagine they were sitting before you. How would they be dressed? How old would they be? What type of music would they listen to?”

Al rolls his eyes. “I need to know what type of music they listen to? Really?”

The marketer stares at him pointedly. “I think we can agree that young girls listening to Justin Bieber may be slightly different from those enjoying jazz.”

Al nods and thinks of his brand; of the hours of work and thousands of dollars he put into launching his new line of bags. What type of girl would wear them?

“Well, I’d say she’s young,” Al says.

The marketer nods, agreeing and waiting for him to continue.

“She cares about style, but not enough to give up on comfort. She likes Justin Bieber, but I wouldn’t say an unhealthy amount.”

This time the marketer does laugh.

“She’s middle class, has two working parents. Is willing to spend a little more for the quality items but wants those pieces to last. She’s friendly and relaxed and not overly focused on what others think.”

“Maybe she’s a bit of a tom boy?” the marketer suggests.

Al nods enthusiastically. “She likes the girly stuff, but not when it’s impractical!”

The marketer smiles. “I’d say we know our audience!”



Why do we need to know our target audience? So, we can know how to reach them! By personifying our brand, we are better able to understand what type of people it will attract. In the example above, Al discovers the type of young girl who he should be marketing to. Had he not personified his brand and simply shot in the dark, he may have wasted time and money trying to sell his bags to 20 something year old woman who enjoy hiking.



Knowing the type of audience we’re dealing with can help us build a better plan on how to target them. For example, had our audience been middle aged men, Facebook or LinkedIn would be a better platform than Instagram. But, being that the target is teenage girls, Instagram and TikTok will prove to be much more useful.


Let’s Sum Up

The best product in the world is useless without proper marketing. Marketing ensures that the message reaches the right audience, the framing appeals to the target and the leads become customers. At Myraj Media we focus on creating planned out and effective marketing strategies, starting with finding your perfect target audience.



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