Let’s Get Excited!

Bri went on two dates. One with Mark and the other with Jack. The dates were only two days apart but couldn’t have been more different. With Mark, Bri went to a coffee shop. They sat there for a couple of hours, compared their favorite drinks, and talked about their families. It was a nice date, but Bri didn’t feel like she and Mark had really clicked.
That said, with Jack, Bri had a great time. The two went to a local amusement park, rode rides with all the kids, and ate more cotton candy than any normal humans should. They hadn’t even had time to ask about their families or aspirations, but still, by all accounts, it was a great date.

When Mark asked her out again, Bri hesitated. She didn’t really have a reason to say no, but she also didn’t really have a reason to say yes. Mark was a nice guy, and she could like him if she tried, but who would want to try at something like that? Something that should come naturally. Something like her connection with Jack!
When Jack asked Bri out again, she didn’t even think twice. She had so much fun the first time, she could only imagine how great the date would be now that they were more comfortable.

Get Excited
Let’s compare the dates. What was so different about Bri’s date with Jack? Why was it so much better? The answer is simple: excitement. Jack took Bri to an adrenaline-pumping, heart racing, exciting destination. It wasn’t only Jack’s personality or actions that had Bri’s heart racing, but the roller coaster rides and sugar rush.
Mark, on the other hand, didn’t provide Bri with anything but conversation. And even the best conversation won’t excite and entertain in the same way as fair games.

Excite Your Audience
Good marketers treat their audience the same way that Jack treated Bri. They don’t only try and feed them interesting information and relevant tips, but they try to hook them in with something more interesting too. Get your audience’s blood pumping with some thought-out humor. Get their adrenaline running with a captivating video. No matter how you approach your audience, it is important to remember one thing – don’t just tell them, excite them!

Let’s Sum Up
We know that we have to treat our audience well. We need to give them quality content, valuable information, and our time and patience. But more than that, we need to do it in a smart way. Blocks of text won’t catch anyone’s attention. Fun stories that teach interesting lessons though, might be a little more appealing!

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