Picking Your Platform

The digital age provides marketers with countless avenues to reach their target audience. إنشاء حساب بايير Different than advertising of the past – that relied heavily on newspapers and billboards – marketing today relies primarily on social media. That said, too much of a good thing, could sometimes be too much of a good thing. With so many different options out there and any number of ways to access your desired audience, how do you know which way is the best way?


The first thing you need to look at when trying to pick your platform is the age of your audience. With technology changing so fast, older generations often get stuck with the older platforms. Meaning that a thirteen-year-old girl is more likely to be found on a newer social platform – e.g. Instagram or Tik Tok, whereas a 50-year-old woman is more likely to be found on Facebook.


Really get to know your audience. Know their likes, dislikes and their desires. Sometimes, if your audience has very niche interests, Facebook groups can become a great tool. For example, if you’ve created a new protein drink that is completely allergy free, then finding a Facebook group about food allergies will lead you straight to you target audience. That said, if your goal is to introduce a new technology to the business world, you may find more success on LinkedIn.


Many people are on social media as a result of their job. Whether it be for research or for personal gain, the reality remains the same. Given this, when trying to reach a particular professional demographic, it is important to know where they most likely reside. كيف اربح مال While people in the business world are easiest found on LinkedIn, politicians and writers are most often found on Twitter. Knowing your target audiences’ professional aspirations can help you decide on the best way to reach them.

Go Beyond

One of the easiest things to forget, is that there are people without social media. In a world so influenced by the presence of these platforms, it’s strange to think that people live their lives without it. That said, these people do exist and that doesn’t make them untouchable. Marketing is about consistent messages – no matter where the message is coming from. Email marketing is still alive and well and is a tool that should be utilized. Same goes for websites and digital ad space. 777casino Digital marketing goes far beyond social media and so could your target audience.

Let’s Sum Up

Social media is a great tool, one that many marketers have begun to use to their advantage. Marketing is all about conversation, it’s not enough that you speak to your audience, you need your audience to speak back. Finding the right platform for this, is vital. Don’t underestimate the importance of your platform and instead take the time to figure your audience out.

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