Who’s on Your Mind?

Joe has a fairly successful personal training business. He has loyal clients, proven success, and a steady income. It’s not the empire he dreamed of when first starting out, but it’s by no means anything to be ashamed of.

That said, Joe’s old classmate Megan has done more than just ‘okay’. Megan has gone from a personal trainer to a gym owner. She’s turned her $2000 a month business, into a million-dollar success story.

“I don’t get it,” Joe says to his wife. “I’m a much better trainer than Megan. Why can’t I get clients like she can?”

Joe’s wife shrugs, she knows better than to get involved in Joe’s business. But the truth is, she does know. Megan’s services go much further than just training. Joe has built his business from word of mouth; Megan has built her business through being everywhere. She offers training and nutrition, t-shirts, and classes. She comes to every networking event and has a billboard with her face on it. Her logo has become the most recognizable purple square Joe’s wife has ever seen. Most of the adults in the neighborhood own something with that distinctive purple square.



What Megan has done is created a brand. Her logo is the face of her brand and she has made it the most recognizable face of all. She has turned her logo into a status symbol and made being her client something to be desired. This is where Joe falls short. Joe is the friendly neighborhood trainer, a nice guy, responsible and friendly, but not a status symbol. Joe has given the people nothing to talk about.


Top of Mind

What Joe isn’t, is top of mind. When people in the neighborhood think training, they think Megan. They think of the purple square, the cute dry-fit shirts, the fun environment, and the a-little-too-cold gym. She is in a place every brand dreams of being in – her audience’s mind.


Getting to that number one spot doesn’t happen by accident. It takes smart marketing, consistent creation, and a lot of out of the box thinking, but it’s worth it! Because being on the top of someone’s mind means they’re more likely to use you and even recommend you to others.


How Do We Get There?

There’s no singular path to success, but there are a few places to start. The first is building a strategy – don’t go in blindly hoping to stumble upon success, instead build a marketing plan with clear goals and markers to help you reach your end. Second, have a logo. Your logo is your brand’s face, it is what makes you identifiable to your audience. (For example, the distinctive red and yellow circles that represent Mastercard). Finally, have consistent branding. If your message is all over the place, the only thing your audience will get is confused. Have a clear message for your brand and find the best way to spread it!


Let’s Sum Up

The best place to be is on your audience’s mind – but that’s no secret. The hard part is getting there. Once you identify your audience you need to find a message they can relate to and use it to your advantage. Surround your audience with your content!


Remember, if you don’t do it, someone else will. Don’t wait, call Myraj Media today and find out how we can get you in your audience’s mind.

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